About Us

Ice Broken Productions, a registered company in the UK, was founded in 2020 by actor, journalist and broadcaster Xander Brett. We're linked to the BBC, RTÉ in Ireland and ARTE in France/Germany. Our expertise is in producing podcasts, radio documentaries, audio books and more.

Xander began broadcasting in Quebec, before moving to Burst Radio in Bristol. He hosted their Saturday Brunch show, a Friday evening show, and read sport and travel reports for a year. He also produced and presented various special programmes for the station, including documentaries on Swedish and Irish music, and a profile on the TV cook Keith Floyd. Alongside this, he served as their Programmer, commissioning new shows to the network and creating on-air consistency.


Outside broadcasting, Xander writes and edits for various publications. He also presents the monthly Nordic Podcast, running alongside his blog, Fika Online

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